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Buzzing from dash under push start button

F Gillan

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Can anyone tell me what would make a fan vibration noise on a Ford Focus titanium 2018 plate. Bought the car 6 months ago and it intermittently does this noise. I thought it was maybe an engine fan after a long journey as that’s the first time it happened but it now does it on small local ones. When you put the fan system off it still makes the noise, even when the engine is switched off. It will disappear though.

if looking at the steering wheel, the  engine push button is to the left. If you put your hand flat against dash on the moulded bit UNDER this piece ie you will feel the join then moving hand down in direct to floor you can feel a wee air vent. This area here the buzzing/vibration noise and feeling is coming from.


anyone experienced this or know what’s behind that panel please 

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Just to add, it has a little fan in it, to draw air across the humidity/temperature sensors, which is why it makes a noise.

In early Mk3s (my 2012 did it), it could move a bit and rest against the inside of the plastic trim and vibrate, but I think they fixed that in later cars.

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I’m sensitive to sound so to some it may not be loud but it’s slightly noisier than a desk fan. Thanks for your help though I’ll look into getting it cleaned.

have a good day 

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