Temperature Gauge issue or Overheating?

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Hi. My son has a 2007 Fiesta. After changing some bulbs at the weekend, it appeared to overheat on Monday morning. After getting it home, it now seems that there maybe another issue. As soon as the ignition is turned, the gauge flies up. Any clues or advise would be greatly appreciated.


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That would appear to be a gauge issue. The gauge is connected to a sensor (called a sender) on the engine. It looks as though the wire to this has short circuited to earth or that the sender itself is faulty. I would locate the sender, disconnect the wire and see if the needle rises when the ignition is turned on. It shouldn't. If it doesn't, change the sender. If it does then the wiring will need investigation.

A thought. Did he change any bulbs in the instrument cluster? If so, it is 99% certain that a plug has been dislodged on the latter and is the cause of the problem.

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