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Focus 2010 TDI rough idle and smoking

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Have a 1.6 TDi focus 2010 with 130,000 miles that has a rough idle and is smoking both at idle and higher RPM’s.

Scanned it and the ERG value was stuck open cleaned and reinstalled and code gone away (this value was replaced about 1 1/2 year ago. Have had issues from new with regards to emissions always a pain to get through).

It stills runs rough at idle but smooths out as RPM’s are increased, at idle if I disconnect the electrical connectors to each connector injector there is a drop in RPM’s with the exception of number 1 injector which make no difference. Repeat the same test at 2000 rpm and there is a drop across all injectors. Back probed the injector connection on #1 and #2 connected to scope the wave forms match. Also did an injector return flow test and all injectors flow about the same at idle.

I’m assuming the injector is bad, but was wondering what could be causing it to smoke so badly because at this point I’m a bit concerned about pouring money into it only to find other undiagnosed issues lurking, (already has a bad alternator and probably need suspension part as well), probably a compression test would be in order but don’t have the equipment. so if any one has any other simple/cheap tests suggestions i could perform to get a better understanding of the smoking issue before a call the grim reaper it put it out of its misery I would greatly appreciated it.




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