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Anyone got an acoustic windscreen fitted as standard on their mk4?

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In my quest to make my mk 4 quieter on long motorway runs I was thinking about fitting acoustic glass for the windscreen. Wasn’t an option on my 2019 mk4.

1. Has anyone got a stock acoustic windscreen or fitted one since?

2. If so did it have much impact on wind noise and who did you get to fit it?

3. how much did it cost?



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I  have a Oct 2019 MK4 1.0 Ecoboost Vignale 5 door which is supposedly fitted with acoustic glass but to be honest I do not find it any quieter than my previous 1.6TDI Mk3. 

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If its accoustic it there will be an indication on the screen probably the letter A or the word acoustic.

My car was Nov2018 but hasn't got one even though it was listed in the Vignale specs

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True and I’ve had a lot of success with insulating the floor throughout and all the door panels. Has made a massive difference. Just looking for any other ways to increase the silence! Also makes the doors a bit heavier and shut with a reassuring thud. Acoustic glass and door seals are what I’d like to upgrade next.





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It's listed in the etis spec for mine, but no idea how to tell

     Power Rear Window One Shot Up/Down
     With Privacy Glass
     Grille - Upper Blk Msh/Chrome Surnd
     Acoustic Laminated Windscreen
     With Heated Windscreen
     With Padded Dash
     Mini Overhead Cnsl W/Sunglass Bin


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As I said previously if its accoustic it's marked on the screen usually with either A  or Accoustic. If it's a standard screen it will marked with N

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