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2015 1.5tdci Blown Head Gasket

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Hello all.

Looking for some help and recommendations. The story so far...

Started off with huge amounts of pressure in the coolant when cold. When I would undo the coolant cap, when cold, a huge rush of air would escape and cause the coolant to drop. Also had dark discolored coolant with soot particles. Took it to Dees Of Wimbledon Ford Dealer, and they (without investigation) said I need new engine for £8,000,told them to stick it. Went into local garage and they suggested could be oil cooler, egr cooler, or head gasket. After investigation they changed egr cooler. This stopped all soot particles in coolant, however the air in coolant persisted. 

Since then I have replaced the thermostat and water pump. Still air bubbles from top rad pipe into expansion tank and pressure in coolant.  

Can anyone recommended a genuine repair service in London/South east as fixing head gasket would work out cheaper for me in long run as still have 2 years left to pay on car.

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Also temp gauge goes up and down like a yoyo. No heat in car until temp gauge has risen to operating temp then drops. Soon as temp gauge drops then the heat appears inside the car

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