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2008 Mk2.5 rear shock absorber lower bolts

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Hi folks,

currently trying to change my rear shock absorbers on a 2008 Mk 2.5 (top mount broke on N/S)

top bolts came off easy. Lower bolts being absolute pigs. Have tried penetrating oil, breaker bar, impact driver. They’ve come out part way but now really stuck, won’t go forwards or back. Any suggestions? Should I try heat, or giving them a whack with a hammer? Have tried jacking up hub assembly to take some loading off, made no difference.

would a friendly local garage put it up on the lift and get the air hammer on it if I offered them say £20? The top mounts are already undone so I could limp a couple of miles slowly just to get the blasted things off. New shocks and top mounts are sat at home waiting to go on. I’ve bought new Ford bolts for top and bottom, so I don’t need the old ones, just don’t want to get into cutting etc. if possible

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Since you have new shocks you won't be worried about the bushing so yes plenty heat and make sure the hub is in line for the bolt to come out properly. If you don't have anything for heat then try getting some pb blaster in there. 

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