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Hi all,

I recently had a front window wiper fault and turns out to be the bcm in passenger foot well, with severe water ingress. 

Iam told I can code a second hand bcm as long as the door lock feed numbers pair and few other things match. Only snag is I haven't a clue what I'm doing only what I have read on the Internet. 

My last resort is going to a ford dealer as I've read costs a real fortune.

If anyone could help would be highly appreciated 🙂 I will attache some photos of said BCM and the baroda with codes on ect.


Thanks for reading 



Ps. The pictures I've tried to upload are larger that stated MB so can't be uploaded. 

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You can get a similar spec BCM 2nd hand (make sure it is the same part number) and you can save the current configuration of your car using Forscan and a suitable cable (I recommend OBDLink EX - not a cheap chinese ELM) and then reconfigure your new BCM using Forscan.

You will have to re-programme your remote keys (Remote lock/unlock function) at Ford I believe as Forscan cannot do it or it's not reliable.

Keyless start is coded to the Cluster

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Hi there,

Sorry to add or hijack but I am having the same issue with the fusebox only with a non start fault, my question is how do you identify the part numbers, it it the first 4 digits in left circle or them all in the right circle? Please see photo. Sorry I meant the set of numbers at the bottom. 4M5T.....

Thanks for any advice given.


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lower down the pic....   above the long barcode .....   4M5T.  xxxxxx AND the letters BH 


B for year of build EARLY (but we knew cos 4M5T rather than the 2008 later electrical system 85MT

H for lots of toys....   (well that's how it works on the later car, with C on a car with few toys)


a bit more info on swapping it out here...



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