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Advice for carrying for mountain bikes on a 2016 Focus?

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HI guys, I'm after some advice on how best to transport 4 bikes on a Focus? I know a van would be better but that isn't an option unfortunately. My car doesn't have a tow bar either, I didn't realise how expensive they were, £350? Also I don't have any roof bars which I know I will need. I'm wondering whether any of you transport bikes and what method is best? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Looks like the Saris only carries 3 bikes and I think most rear mounted carriers go up to a max of 3. Also with rear mounted carriers, you'll need to get a lighting board, number plate and wiring added (for the lighting board) where the bikes cover the lights and number plate. Halfords sell a high mount carrier that can/may lift the bikes above the lights/number plate, but that only holds 3 bikes too.

My personal preference is on the roof, but it can get costly as you need to buy roof bars and then 4 individual roof mounted bike carriers. A downside of roof mounting is that it will create more wind noise and drag than a rear mounted carrier. Additionally, you may need new clamps (or bar system) when you change your car. A plus point of roof mounting is that you can still open the boot without removing all the bikes and the carrier, and there's no need to get the lighting board/plate and wiring.

I will be getting a Tourneo Custom soon and I intend to use a tow bar mounted carrier for that, for 4 bikes.



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Thanks for the replies. I didn’t realise how many options were available to be honest. It all seems very costly whichever way I go, especially as I need a 4 bike one. I think it’s going to be easily £500 plus

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