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Mk8 handbrake adjustment

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has anyone got any info on how to remove the necessary trim to gain access to the handbrake mechanism? My handbrake could do with a sight adjustment (couple to many clicks)  


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Can't answer the question unfortunately - my dealer did it foc while the car was in for "convenience check". I didn't ask how it was done but as nothing seemed to have been disturbed inside I suspect they did it from below while the car was in the air for the visual/video check.

Interesting that you also felt that handbrake had too much travel though.

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I wouldn't get tightening the handbrake to much or the self adjusters on the drum brakes or calipers on discs won't function causing more problems than you fixing. 

For a little tweak you just prise the trim under the handbrake lever out and then 10mm socket to tighten the nut on end of cable. Just bear in mind what I first said though. 

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Thanks, that’s what I was after! was expecting to have to remove all the centre trim, but if it’s only the handbrake surround that great! I’ll go a half turn at a time, it’s just it’s a couple of clicks to much for my liking 👍🏻 

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