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Focus 2.0l diesel Titanium sensor failure

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I have a Tyre pressure warning failure; ABS Warning and hill start assist unavailable warning.

I have been informed by a Ford dealer that I need new wheel bearing hubs on the rear wheels.

Any ideas?

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I would guess that this is an ABS issue. Without knowing if any DTC's exist it's difficult to be more precise.

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The rear wheel bearings are the full hub with the abs sensor incorporated. If the bearing is Defective the mechanic could be correct. But both 2 go at the same time is strange. I would get codes checked or get a second opinion before forking out for all that. 

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I find it very hard to belive that 2 would go at the same time. More likely a faulty connector all 3 faults you are reporting are related. Get ForScan connected up and see whats in DTC

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