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Passenger airbag cover splitting at seams

Henry VIII

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My 2014 Focus has developed splits at the passenger-side airbag seams on top of the dash.  Badly across the bottom seam and now starting up the sides of the 'perforation' where the airbag would pop out.  I've seen dozens of cars develop random cracks in their dash tops, but never an airbag like this.  Wondering if others have experienced this and come up with a decent bodge to cover the splits.  I don't want one of those carpeted covers, because that would block the airbag.  Any possibility Ford would cover it?  Thanks for any ideas!

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Unfortunately because your car is out of warranty Ford won't be interested unless it becomes a recall issue. 

As for covering it that would be fairly tricky as like you said you don't want anything to affect the airbag deployment... Might be worth talking to a good upholsterer to see if they can cover it without it affecting deployment. 

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My 2015 Focus has a seam crack along the airbag and it is getting worse as time goes on.  All vehicles have been Ford and I am not pleased with the fact that I would need to replace it.  Phoned the company and are not interested if it isn't under warranty.  My vehicle has 33000km and has been in a shed for part of its life.  Not sure what I can do but pay to get it fixed. 

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