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Multiple problems at once

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Good day fellow Ford owners!

My name is Alexandru and I own an Ford Focus Style 1.6 TDCI (MK2 I believe) from 2010.

A few days ago after I finished my shift and went out to the car and unlocked it, I realised the boot hasn't unlocked with the car and realised this might be a big problem. After I got into the car, I saw that the interior lights won't turn off automatically, the handbrake symbol won't disappear from the dashboard, the dashboard won't show the outdoor temperature anymore and the red snowflake symbol is always shown on the dash, the green turning lights are not working (including the sound and including hazard/emergency lights only on the dash, the exterior turning lights do work) and also the car won't lock by electric key. When I lock it, it unlocks automatically so I need to lock it mechanically from the inside.

The car was absolutely fine up until that day, I took a shortcut to work which I use once or twice a week which is very bumpy for about two minutes and I'm personally guessing (I'm definitely no mechanic) that something moved that's connected to the PCM giving the fact that all of these problems started at once.

I tried resetting the car by disconnecting the battery all night, but it did not solve anything. The car is running absolutely fine, the same as before and the problems haven't escalated in the last few days.

Would anyone please offer any advice of what to check on the PCM or somewhere else before I take it to a mechanic? I like to try and solve things myself before I take it somewhere else.

Hope you're all doing A-okay!


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3 hours ago, MarkRS9 said:

Check the connections on the fuse box in the passenger footwell, as sometimes these get kicked and knocked lose.

Also is the battery charged, as a low battery can cause all sorts of electrical issues.

I'll definitely do that tonight, have to check the diagram as well.

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My thoughts are it is more a problem with the BCM (Body Control Module) located on/next to the fuse box. There are known problems of water getting in to the connector of the BCM (normally water that has worked its way along the wiring harness back from the screen wash pump).

Remove the connector from the BCM and check for signs of water and/or corrosion of the pins.

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