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Weird noises from the ceiling WITH ENGINE OFF (I made a video)

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Purchased the car last Friday and afterwards was in the car for some time setting up the radio. The car power was on but the engine off (not sure what this state is called) and all the sudden a lot of weird mechanical scratching and ticking noises appeared.

I was convinced some kind of rodent was stuck somewhere but it doesn't seem to be there when the power is off. It has happened a number of times yesterday but today it did not. It appears to come from different places in the ceiling but it's difficult to locate.

Here is the video, turn op your volume: https://streamable.com/xllgx2

Any idea what this could be? (it's almost too weird to be true but this is real)

Car is from 2014 and in case related, it has rain and light sensors, auto stop and a heated windshield.



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The roof centre console has been removed as some point as it’s not refitted correctly within the headlining. Might be worth dropping it down and taking a look inside. I suspect someone, maybe a previous owner has already been in there to investigate.

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@Aldridge Andy thank you I did notice the lining looking different on each side. Also the windshield mounted console with the sensors is loose. It consists of two parts and some of the mounts are broken off. So someone has been in there as well.

Also an update on this issue. I just did some more testing and the sounds seem to be related to the ventilation. When the ventilation system is turned off the sounds are not there. When I turn on the ventilation/fan the sounds appear almost immediately. The ventilation was set to the windshield only.

The source of the sound is very difficult to locate. I have pressed my ear to the dashboard, the ceiling, etc. but the acoustics are weird to pinpoint.

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Hi There,

As you said only makes a noise when ventilation fan on through windshield. Try setting air to foot vents only so no air to windshield if the noise stops, Then maybe some plastic bit may have broken off the roof centre console. And fallen into windshield vent which then rattles when air venting through this aperture.

                Hope this helps

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