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Android Headunit Help - Mk3

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Hi Everyone, I decided to upgrade my head unit to an android unit and I'm having a few issues... the main sticking point is over the steering wheel controls, I just cannot get them working the unit seems to be plug and play but they just won't work... this is the one I got...


went for it due to the 4gb of ram, came with a canbus box and it does recognise when I put the car in reverse as it tries to show the reverse camera so there is some comms going on but just cannot figure out why I can't program the steering wheel controls

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The steering wheel controls are not related to the CANbus network at all.

The steering wheel controls are a simple 2-wire resistance circuit (every button has a different resistance). On the original setup the steering wheel control is connected to the FCDIM (display). On the aftermarket Android radio harness there must be a connector that connects the steering wheel control wires at the FCDIM connector to the radio.



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Well I sorted it in the end, I managed to get into the back end config and found the canbus setting was misconfigured I changed the canbus manufacturer for the one actually on the box itself and it sprang into life, now getting door information, temperature and the steering wheel controls are working... jobs a good'n

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