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Mk7 Turbo????

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Hi guys ,

I'm new to the forum and joined mainly to get some advise on adding a turbo to my mk7 zetec s. Does anyone know if this is possible and how much it would cost where to get it done etc. Also how much of a power increase I could expect to get. At the same time I'd upgrage the exhaust cams etc basically the pumaspeed package. I'd also upgrade the brakes.

Also would the car be able to handle this sort of power or would alot of other things need upgrading?

I know that theres a supercharger on the market so thats an option but i'd prefer a turbo.

I know some people are going to say get a faster car etc... but I really like the look of my fiesta I just want it to have a bit more poke, and I'm too impatient to wait for the st or rs.


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if you upgrade the cams , pistons , gearbox, etc etc the car should be able to handle it my friend has got a saxo turbo and he has had it for nearly 2 years now and its still running fine obv petrol is gonna go down a hell of alot so you need to take that in account and obv insurance will go up a bit and honestly i would insure it as i know people who have been pulled and crashed there car with a turbo not logged down on insurance and its a nasty outcome i.e 10,000 pound car insurance wont pay out and if traffic police pull you over that your lienece gone and down the nick for the night. but have a look at some of the saxo vtr turbo and should be roughly the same t2 turbo etc and my mates saxo conversion cost £2758 so should roughly be around there depending on what you want

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Thanks guys i'm gonna ask a few garages near me if they could fit the turbo and all the upgrades if not i'll talk to pumaspeed. I'll let you know the power increase once it's all done it'll definately be one of the fastest fiestas around :P

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they do a supercharger for mk7's why have a turbo!

i think if your looking for performance upgrades first look at small stuff, try a K&N air filter, getting a tuned exhaust and a few BHP, then look at induction hose's and stuff... i would leave the turbo too last, do smaller changes and see if that tickles your fancy

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