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Just A Word Of Warning Re Insurance


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I've been with Direct Line for years now with no real complaints however it's time for renewal and thought I'd better give them a phone to make them aware of the car now being lowered, my Stoffler rear diffuser and twin exit exhaust.

Things were going well until I mentioned the twin exit exhaust. Came back they're not going to insure me now as their underwriters are really clamping down on modifications now even although I mentioned the exhausts are purely cosmetic with no performance gains whatsoever. :angry:

So after a morning hunting around I'm now going with Performance Direct however it now means paying an extra £100 to £150 compared to what I would've been.

Sometimes being too honest costs you however it gives you piece of mind if anything was to go horribly wrong. :rolleyes:

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It may cost more but when they turn round and tell you that they re not paying out and you will have to ay the person you hit for there car off your own back, that extra £150 dont seem so expensive now.

Try Sky insurance, they are FOC's official insurance company


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I tried SKY Insurance for a quote, for just Bi-xenon lights and led sidelights, and maplights + denso iridium sparkplugs + pipercross panel air-filter, and they qouted me £226, compared to my usual £157. Apparently this is their base-level quote, and I could later-on add things without further charge.

The A.A. found me cover at £157 with Groupama, with my own company, Fortis being a bit dearer.

Last week, my renewal arrived, and it is £170, this year, including my usual legal cover, so I 'phoned them, and was told that all was O.K., so long as power was not increased, so I am staying with them as they are a very good company.

In your case, it looks as though SKY is very promising, and your club membership helps. There is also Adrian Flux, and Criss Knott. (P.S., I get cheap premiums due to age,-- 61 yrs: cheap risk area - Caithness, 13 yrs NCB, and Fortis specialise in over-50's, as do Saga, and Axa.)

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