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*** Fiesta 2010 Remote Control


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Hi, it’s been some time since I’ve logged in to the Fiesta Forum but, I would like some advice on a replacement remote control!

These remotes can cost a considerable amount of cash so, I purchased a 2010 remote control from amazon!  The remote is identical to the original and has a blank key blade which needs cutting and programmed to the car!  Inside, it’s identical to my Ford remote and has a small circuit board and  coin battery!

The new remote Frequency is 433Mhz and has a 4D63 Transponder Chip!

My first question is, where is the transponder?  I’ve read that it’s part of the key blade and it’s fixed inside the top?

My initial thinking is, as the original key blade is already cut and programmed, I was going to split the my original key fob open and fit the key blade end to the other half of the new key fob and, also transfer the existing circuit board into the same half at the same time?

Would this work?

Of course, this depends on where the transponder is located!

My other option is to completely use the brand new remote control but, that would involve getting the new key blade cut which can be done in locksmiths such as Timpsons but, I’m sure that this would cost a decent bit of cash but, would be a lot cheaper than getting my local Ford dealer to cut the blade and program the new chip!

With reference to ‘self programming’, I’ve Googled this and it seems pretty easy to do yourself?

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that for now!

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The transponder is a passive network built into the key. It  pairs with the car once the car is programmed to recognise it. If the car is also 433 MHz it should be simple.

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