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Ford Fiesta Woes


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Hi, I posted this elsewhere but was told it'd be better to post here, so hope I've got the right forum this time.

I have had the car since June 2021, after brakes failing twice on an EV I had bought in December 2020, which needless to say put me off that particular brand and I couldn't afford any of the other EV's out there at the moment. Anyway, since ownership of the Fiesta, the following issues have occurred, and I'm wondering if they're "normal" or not. The car is a 67 plate, but registered Feb 2018.

1. Rattles. They are almost unbearable at times. I'd expect that off a car maybe 10-15 years old. Not a car that's nearing only 4 years old. They are also impossible to tell where exactly they're coming from, although some seem to be coming from the dashboard and the sunvisor(s) Obviously the car is no longer under warranty, but really, on a 4 year old car? The build quality just seems really poor and not what I expected from a car that's now onto it's 9th generation. In fact, I've found out the MK8 is worse than the last generation for reliabilty.

2. This one is very recent, as we are just getting into cold weather here in Scotland, after a surprisingly long warm/mild spring/summer/going into autumn. Admittedly the car is starting from cold and from home has to go up a relatively slight hill. This has the automatic gearbox, and this thing literally screams in high revs trying to get up the hill. I try to over-ride it with the "flappy gear change buttons", but the car point blank refuses to change into a higher gear. I believe it is stuck in 2nd, going by the revs and the noise of the engine. Is this normal in cold weather? I'd hate to think what it's going to be like when it gets colder. I have driven automatic gearboxes before and have NEVER had this problem. The only reason I went for an auto transmission is because I sometimes have problems with my left foot, causing pains to shoot up it.

3. This sort of follows on from point 1, but sometimes there is some sort of metal clunking noise coming from dear knows where.

4. There is sometimes a smell of petrol coming through the air vents. Now I know this is definitely not normal, but there seem to be no leaks, so I have no idea what's causing the smell.

5. This is also a recent issue. When I press on the brake, there seems to be some sort of clicking noise coming from the automatic gearbox while it is in the park mode. I have also noticed another clicking noise when I release the button on the gearbox from park into drive. It may be a relay, but everything seems to be working as it should, apart from the above point 2 regarding the automatic gearbox.

To say I'm a bit disappointed in the Ford Fiesta is a wee bit of an understatement, as I expected it to be a far better car than it's proved out to be for me, to the point I wish I'd bought a different manufacturers model. If anyone could let me know if any of the above are "normal" or not, it'd be greatly appreciated.

PS. I bought the car from an approved Ford dealer.


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30 minutes ago, David1978 said:

after brakes failing twice on an EV I had bought in December 2020, which needless to say put me off that particular brand

30 minutes ago, David1978 said:

I wish I'd bought a different manufacturers model.

You do seem to have problems finding a car that suits you. What about trying a bicycle they even do EV versions ? 馃

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As you purchased the car from a Ford dealer, I鈥檇 phone up their service department and book an appointment where you can take a technician out in the car with you and demonstrate all the concerns you have.

Hopefully if it鈥檚 a dealer approved used car you鈥檒l have a warranty to fall back on and some goodwill too.

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I should have kept my 2011 Kia Cee'd. I miss that car. It was even better and way more reliable than the 2001 VW Golf I had. In saying that, things would probably be starting to go wrong considering it'd now be a 10 year old car, going on 11. This is the first Ford I've owned, although I've driven many including when my dad had a Ford Mondeo MK 1. In comparison, this is the worst Ford I've ever had the misfortune to drive.

As for dealerships, mechanics, technicians....I trust them as far as I can throw them, but it looks like if the issues continue, I'll need to deal with them. What worries me the most is the high revs in cold weather is obviously not good for the engine and other parts that go with it. Plus it burns way more fuel.

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