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Anyone know what this is and how many thousands of pounds it'll cost to replace?


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Fell off my car just now, dragged it about 200 yards before realizing that scraping sound wasn't going away.
Pulled it off, and along with some balls of isolation I found this.

How screwed am I?



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Looks like a wheel arch liner to me, new ones aren’t expensive, also readily available on eBay. You’ll need to sort all the clips too, so your local ford dealer could be the easiest option. Should be straightforward to fit if you can get the wheel off. Local dealer or independent shouldn’t charge too much at all. 

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This is really really weird. Just checked my wheel wells, and either I lost both my front liners, or this liner doesn't belong to this car. You're definitely right though, it is a wheel liner, but the slits don't match?🤔

Did I drag someone elses wheel liner?

I'm calling the dealer tomorrow and sending them the picture.

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8 minutes ago, unofix said:

That's probably why they don't fit your car 🤣

maybe you can sell the one you ran over on eBay ???? 🤣

It looks like it's been chewed on by a bear, so I'd have to include an "or best offer" option 😄

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