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Fiesta Locking petrol cap


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It is possible to purchase a locking petrol cap for a Sept 2017 Mk 8 Fiesta 1.0 cc 86bhp?

I've tried the local dealer who directed me to their parts divison who advised

me to contact my local dealer!

I have already tried the USA version which does not fit.

Also had a look at the ones on ebay, no go there either.


Regards, Alan McVicker.

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2 hours ago, Retired Terry said:

I have a 2014 Fiesta that has the same easyfuel system, but I wish that the fuel cap locked in place.


Why? I'll happily take the easy fuel system over having to use my key or rummage around the seat to find a lever in pitch black every time I need to fuel up

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There is actually two different locking fuel caps available to fit to the Ford easy fuel system. Since I personally think its a pointless bit of kit I would not advise the use of either, but if you are afflicted with a bit of OCD then the answer to what you are looking for can be found on this forum.


Just found this which you might find useful:


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