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Possible B&O stereo issue?


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Don't know if anyone can help on this one?

Until last weekend I had a 2017 B&O play 3 door 120ps Diesel, which comes with the B&O system - as the name implies!

This system was great, the sound was crisp, clear and never distorted. It was truly imersive - I really loved it.

Last weekend I changes this for a 2018 Titanium X 5 door 120ps Diesel. This also has the B&O setero, but it is so different from the one in B&O play I have a feeling it may be faulty.

The sound seems to be heavily biased toward the centre speaker on the dash and the sound is a little boxy, lacking detail and I feel slightly distorted.

I can lessen the emphasis on the centre speaker by moving the fader slight back, but the sound just does seem to match that of my last car.

All the Speakers are working and if you get a bassy track, it does do the business, but there seems a real detachment between the treble and the bass rather than the immersive feel of my B&O play.

Having only listened to two B&O systems (one in each car), can anyone give me any indication if the one in my Titanium X is working correctly?

Sound is a very subjective thing, but if anyone can offer any information it would be appreciated - I don't want to start investigating issues that are not there.

The only other stange thing that my be connected is the stereo in my B&O play always came on at the volume level present when the vehicle was switched off. The one in the Titanium X comes on at the same volume, but then drops to a volume level of 6 for some reason. I can turn it back up no porblem, but it is a bit strange.

Many thanks in advance.


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Just some thoughts;

is the spare wheel well mounted sub connected correctly?

has the car been sitting around at all, might be worth ensuring that the battery is fully charged to give the B&O amp the best chance to perform.

is the Sync3 system updated to the most recent firmware?

have you tried performing a “master reset”?

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found quite a bit of info when I upgraded B&O speakers in my 2019 ST. I'd suggest

1- Ensure the subwoofer speaker is facing DOWNWARDS. So speaker facing the ground.

2 - Check speaker polarity. So previously wrote about this:

Whilst changing speakers, I did a polarity test, I found that front left speaker supply wiring was reversed FROM FACTORY, hence why always sounded bad. I'm confident it was factory error, as I didnt cut any wires, just used adaptors (all wired correctly) and I went back over and checked original and new speakers with a battery, all speakers themselves are correct.

If the speaker polarity is reversed, the reversed speaker works in Opposition to the others, effectively cancelling mid base out. This can sound OK on some music, and not right on other tracks.

I'm not the first to find this so definitely worth checking.

Suggest download Speaker Pop Test Signal .wav copy to usb and play. (from here https://studiosixdigital.com/support/downloads-2/ 

Download polarity test app (don't play signal via Bluetooth, gives inconsistent results.

Use fader to put sound to ideally only one speaker at a time, test each speaker in turn


Let me know what you find.

Also an apple one (not tried that one): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/speaker-polarity/id293263027



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