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Smax cutting out 50-60 mph


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I have a 2016 2.0tdci smax (auto). Last week it randomly cut out completely and after coasting to the side of the road I tried to restart but just turned over and wouldn’t start. After turning ignition off and back on it started instantly and I carried on my way. It now cuts out every time I get up to 50-60mph or if I put my toe down slightly at an incline and then starts after I turn off and back on. It drives fine if you take it very easy. Also it seems to be losing some water. I drained the tank, changed the filter and filled with fresh fuel but made no difference. A diagnostic check gave me four fault codes.

p008a21 fuel low pressure circuit. Pressure too low.

p025121 fuel metering unit signal too low

p008700 rail pressure-pressure too low

p228c00 fuel pressure regulation pressure too low.

Has anyone encountered anything similar, I have some further diagnostic work planned for Wednesday. TIA

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