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Engine shape yellow light on. Wouldn't start. Then said something about reduced mode. Then started. Focus Estate 1.8 petrol 2010

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Good afternoon

Can anyone please offer some advice. 

I have a Focus Estate 1.8 petrol, 2010, 85k miles. service by Ford garage last month.

Today I drove the car for about 2 minutes this morning - reparked

A few hours later I came to use it and it wouldn't start. Then after waiting a couple of minutes I tried to start and it said something about a reduced mode. Then it started but with the yellow engine shaped outline light on. I drove it for 3 minutes like that then parked.

Any suggestions on what the problem could be please?

Many thanks


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1 minute ago, peternorthampton@gmail.com said:

Yes I read that. But that doesn't help me. But thanks. Maybe I need to take the car to a ford delership

Wise decision, they'll be able to check the error codes stored in the ECU and aid a proper diagnosis rather than guessing what could be wrong...

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It might be the infamous instrument cluster malfunction, intermittent no start and limp mode is a common symptom. Does the red immobiliser light flash rapidly when it refuses to start?

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About the right age for the cluster issue,

try whacking the dash above the cluster and see if it reacts, engine running of course. If it does, it could point to the solder joints within the cluster. Not a 100% reliable test, would usually throw up ‘U1900’ code or similar on a reader.

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there are numerous reports and fixes all over the WWW , not vastly expensive but a pain. Clusters are easy enough to remove if needs be.

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