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Ford Focus 2014 clutch pedal issue.

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I have an issue with my Focus 2014 eco boost. A few months ago the clutch pedal went to the floor, I managed to get it into gear and nurse it home. Had the master cylinder replaced only for it to do the same thing a few months later. Part replaced under warranty (still awaiting response on claim). New part fitted and all was well until today when it went again. The thing I have realised is that each time this has happened is after a prolonged period of driving, the first occasion was after about 40 miles on the Motorway without changing gear. Today was almost the identical situation with it going after a long stint on the MW, I usually only drive short distances commuting to and from work and short journeys socially. Any suggestions most welcome. 

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It is far more likely that the real fault is with the clutch 'Slave Cylinder'. They are mounted inside the bell-housing and get very hot. It is a known problem that the seals fail due to the excess heat especially on longer road journey's.

If you are going to replace the slave cylinder it is worth replacing the clutch at the same time as it's a major event. 

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