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Tail Gate open message!?

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I keep getting "tail gate open" message when I know it has not been opened!?

This is a Kuga 2018 Titanium.

Any ideas?



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The 'door open' sensors are usually built into the latch modules nowadays.  There are no longer simple switches for it. 

So best guess is either the tailgate latch needs to be replaced, or the wiring to it has become damaged.

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Mine will do this from time to time - the boot looks closed but in fact is ever so slightly not-fully-catched if you see what I mean, with maybe a 2 or 3mm gap. Easy to foul the tailgate trim on something in the boot. Grab the boot lid and try and rattle it, see if it moves. If it doesn't, maybe see to the bump stops need adjusting to allow the hatch to close a bit more tightly?

Also my neighbiur had this with his Merc,  the sensors had simply got clogged up with dog hairs!

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