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Focus mk2 r19 wheel size question


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I want to get new wheels and found these really cool OZ r19 8.5j et45. I don't wanna drive all the way there and find out they won't fit. 8.5j with no offset? What do you guys know? The tires on them are 255/35.

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On a Focus MK2/MK2.5:

8.5J is no problem.
ET 45 is no problem.
19 Inch wheels is no problem.

Tyre size 255/35/19 however is a big problem. These are way too big in diameter/circumference. Tyres of this size are usually installed on an SUV (like for example a Kuga) and not on a Focus.

Remember that the "normal" Focus MK2/MK2.5 was never available with factory fitted 19 Inch wheels. The only Focus MK2/MK2.5 that was factory fitted with 19 Inch wheels was the MK2.5 RS. The RS did have tyre size 235/35/19 on a 8J wheel.

On a "normal" Focus MK2/MK2.5 tyre size 225/35/18 is often used. 225 mm wide tyres however are too skinny for a 8.5J wide wheel.

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I know they're big, it's the wagon type. I've seen a wagon Mondeo with R18 and 225/40 tyres while searching for wheels and they looked small to me overall. So you're saying 255 width won't work, right?

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Tyre sizes are described as follows:

for example: 255/35/19

255 = Tyre width in mm.
35 = Sidewall height in percentage of the tyre width.
19 = Rim size

A 18 inch wheel with tyre size 225/40/18 has a total diameter of 547.2 mm.
A 19 inch wheel with tyre size 255/35/19 has a total diameter of 571.9 mm.

The 19 Inch wheel is 24,7 mm bigger which will. With these 19 Inch wheels and tyres the ride height will be 12.35 mm higher than with the original 18 Inch wheels and tyres.

The combination of the low offset (ET45), wide wheels (8.5 Inch) and increased diameter will definetely result in rubbing.

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Running similar size Oz’s on my ST with 235/35’s and they fill the arches great with no rubbing etc. Think mine are ET38 so actually sit out further into the arches.

Theyve got the potential to look great but not with 255’s, are they off another Focus and owner made a typo with the tyre size maybe?

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