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What Modifications Would You Love To Do To Your Ford?

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So, imagine this, you have your Ford on your driveway, you love your Ford to bits but you would like to modify it slightly to suit your taste. You have a spare bit of cash burning a hole in your pocket, and modding is on your mind!

What modifications would you love to do to your Ford? and Why?

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Sorry don't have facebook account mate,

id smooth out the ford badge on the front and remove rear handles from back doors and smooth the lines to match shape of side molding, B)

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Ditto re facebook - I'd remove the missus so I could drive the fecking thing!

I always experience the same trouble seems to be a problem with all passenger vehicles :lol:

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Right, my head gasket has just gone and im changing it all, I was thinking with the inlet manifold would a rs2000 one fit onto a mk6 1.6 16v escort?? also are there any sites where I can can a de-cat exhaust system with manifold,?? also thinking about fast road cams but would not do that myself.one more thing any camshaft covers in crome where about could I get one from?? cheers TJ

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