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Os wheel bending inwards

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I basically brought a 2006 Ford Fiesta, I knew it had been in an accident, it’s been repaired and registered as a cat N, when viewing the car, all seemed fine, got it home left it a few days and then drove it about 4 miles and noticed the wheel was leaning inwards at the top, when taking it to a garage they said the tie rod was badly bent, so I got it changed and took it back for alignment, even after that and new tyres on the car the wheel is leaning inwards at the top, in the accident it was hit on the wing and then rim, the only other things I can think of is that the chassis is slightly bent, the shock bent or the wishbone bent but the mechanic said everything looks straight, maybe it could be the suspension top plate. Anyone had anything similar to this? 

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Shock is probably bent.  I had one bend on a Mk6 and it was impossible to see the bend while attached to the car. 

Wishbones can bend but they tend to go in a more visible way.

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