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Can someone please help

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Okay, so very new to this. I have a Ford Focus 2016 titanium x with adaptive head lights, the car was sold to me with a massive wiring problem for the drivers side headlight ( I did not know about this until a few months of purchase when my headlight suddenly stopped working )the main wiring loom for the headlight is broken. I have been trying to get it fixed for about 3 months and keep coming to dead ends I can’t find a new headlight for the life of me at all te let people who have one are Ford but the cost of a new headlight from Ford is to much for me to buy, over £1000. Can anyone please suggest any other options I might be able to try. I did think about replacing both headlights with new ones that were not adaptive but I just don’t know enough about cars to know what would work if any. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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you're not the first to have expensive faults with adaptive headlights.

Trying to replace them with other types runs in to problems with the cars many control modules which will take a wobbler if the adaptive lights are removed. Then you run in to the MOT testing and does the car still meet the requirements for lighting type approval etc. ?

Replacement adaptive headlights can often be found on eBay and the likes, for £800 a bit cheaper. Your best option is a scrap yard, but the lights are not that common.

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Thank you, I haven’t had any luck with eBay or scrap yards unfortunately. I’m now looking at replacing my car with something els  and trying to get away from the adaptive headlights completely 

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