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Fusion electrical fault


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Hi has anyone seen these before it happens as soon as the car starts it goes into lump mode and if I warn the engine then delete the codes it registers them  instantly 



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Tha KS for the reply To be fair I'm not sure ill have a look, I wiped the codes and immediately it came back but only the p0380 glow plug code 

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tbh, imo all the circuit issues have a common denominator - either ground or +12v and are all probably interlinked. I suggest that as it would be near on impossible to have all items at fault.

Very similar to the mk4 vauxhall family, seen all sorts of similar mad issues on them caused for example by the alternator !

In your case i would be monitoring battery / alternator closely as UNOFIX mentions, checking loom connectors - always worth a squirt with servisol switch contact cleaner but do not forget about the obvious ignition switching device failure  - which you may possibly have been advised about elsewhere.

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