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Mk2 fiesta dash swap

Mathew wilson

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5 minutes ago, Mathew wilson said:

Hi I'm wondering if you can swap a mk6 fiesta st dash into a mk2 fiesta

Only if you never want to start the engine again.

The PATS immobiliser system is part of the instrument cluster.

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If you transfer 'everything' including the GEM and ECU then you may be ok. the coding of the PATS system will be that of the donor vehicle. Then you are faced with two options, transfer all door locks and ignition from the donor. Or you will have to reprogramme the original vehicles keys in to the new donor vehicle. This should be possible since both vehicles are pre2013. There is a third option and that is take the transponder chips out of the keys belonging to the donor and put them in the keys of the original vehicle.

You really need the input from a few others on this forum like @TomsFocus and @iantt

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MK2 Fiesta is fully analogue.

MK6 Fiesta is fully CAN networked (Digital).

Unless you transfer the entire electrical system and engine to the MK2, no

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