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issues with Ford focus mk2 1.6 tdci


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hi im new to the forum i hope you guys can advice me thanks in advance

my 2009 ford focus mk2 1.6 tdci issues are the engine management light is on and the code reads 244d1 unknown code

I have changed the exhaust temperature sensor and put some dpf cleaner is and its still the same also changed the dpf pressure sensor and the turbo solenoid and done a oil change air filter and oil filter change, cleaned out the egr valve

main symptom am it dont rev over 3rpm also if you boost it goes into limp mode with engine mailfunction on
and cleand the egr valve out





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1 hour ago, bigcoke said:

main symptom am it dont rev over 3rpm

3... 3 rpm, holy smoke balls, I could crank it over faster than that manually with my wrench 🤣 Are you sure?

1 hour ago, bigcoke said:

the code reads 244d1 unknown code

Well that's not a DTC. DTC's start with a letter (specifically a P, C, B or U) followed by four numeric digits.

You need to get a proper code reader. Get an ODBLink Ex, or VGate vLinker, or a cheap ELM327 based one with the MSCAN switch hack, and the free ForScan software (for Windows). That'll allow you to get actual codes that could yield some helpful clues.

However, since yours is a Mk2 and you're suffering from malfunction errors and limp mode and such, there's a possibility that you might be suffering from the classic solder joint issue on the instrument cluster's wiring connector. See links below in my signature for my own repair service for this. There are a couple of things that can help suggest that this is the problem, one is to thump the dash above the IC and see if this has an affect, and the other is to check resistance across pins 6 & 14 of the OBD2/DLC connector when the problem is occurring, it should be 60 ohms but if it's 120 ohms that confirms a problem.

Edit: My response was rushed a bit due to wanting to watch a TV program. Actually less certain now it could be the solder issue upon re-reading.

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