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Advice on Focus Mk2 1.6 lifespan

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New member here, so excuse me if this post is in the wrong place.

(Non-UK member here, based in Lithuania)

I own a 2007 Ford Focus Mk2 Wagon 1.6 TDCi diesel. has currently 440k km (aprox 273k miles) on the odometer. The car was used mainly by me and my dad for construction: hauling materials, concrete waste, getting its clutch burned weekly, basically used an abused.

My main question is: how realistic is to expect this Focus model to reach ex.: 350k miles?

The clutch probably needs replacement and the gearbox sometimes refuses to go into gear, some rattling metal sounds here and there.

I want to do some DIY project to my car: upgraded sound isolation, new Sony media system, repainting/rewrapping, parking sensors, etc.

Many people say to not waste money on this car because it can break at any time in the near future and that the repair cost would be uneconomical.

I would like to know what would you do in that position? Just do these projects and expect the car to last? Or just buy a new (and newer) car?

Also, does anybody have a clue of what kind of symptoms indicate that the car would need some serious repairs in the near future?



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I have no emotional attachment to cars, so my decisions are based mostly on financial consideration. 

The reality here is that the car will last for as long as you keep throwing money at it.  Engines can be replaced.  Rust can be cut and welded.  You can even rewire the entire loom when that fails. 

But from a financial point of view, I can't see this car being the one to start modifying.

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2 hours ago, PlasticMeatBalls said:

1.6 TDCi diesel. has currently 440k km (

Just nicely run in. The engine will have loosened up a bit and should be good for at least another 200,000km

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