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How to determine reason for water loss.

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My 2014 1.0 eco boost focus broke down at the weekend, it lost power so could barely get up a hill in 1st gear. It showed a heated oxygen sensor fault and the coolant tank was empty. After cooling down and refilling it ran fine, i reset the error code and it hasn't returned. 

I did a compression test and all 3 are 155psi. I took the air inlet pipe off between the turbo and MAF and there's no sign of metal in there and there is no sign of water in the oil. There's no obvious water leak and the de-gas hose is the later type and OK.

The turbo cooling pump runs ok when the engine switches off.

So i suspect one of the known significant faults but how can i investigate further to be sure? I took it to an independent garage, they checked the error codes but wouldn't go any further, just saying it's probably a failed engine. I'm trying now to get it booked in to a Ford garage. I need someone to tell me what the fault is so that i can go back to the dealer i bought it from and ask for my money back.

I can probably do any strip down needed to check but would like to know what i should be looking for.



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Refill the coolant and run the engine till it gets hot with the expansion tank filler cap off.

The use a hydro carbon test kit to check for exhaust gases in the coolant. If you find any then it's likely to be a head gasket or worse a cracked cylinder liner.

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