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Random U0001 Code


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Hi all. I'm hoping someone can help with a random issue i'm having. About a month ago I started to get a U0001 code on my 09 ford focus, which I know is the high can bus, but as soon as I turn engine off and on again the issue goes away Sometimes i can drive for about half an hour before it comes on, sometimes it happens nearly straight away. When I have the fault I also get "acceleration  reduced" on the dash and I go into limp mode. I took it to the garage but the car behaved and didn't show a fault, so they wouldn't even test it. I've tested the battery and the alternator and they both seem fine but not sure where to look next?. There have been a couple of other issues I've had recently which may be connected - The aircon is a bit noisey, sometimes when I turn the car key, the engine doesn't attempt to turn over, but the car electrics seem to light up/fan starts etc like normal. Turning off and removing the key seems to help before trying again. A couple of times I've had the engine management light come on after restarting the car but the only code I get is U0001, and I've noticed a couple of other dash lights come on for a split second, literally a flicker, while I've been driving. I've done a bit of research and all I can think is its the instrument cluster? or possibly the aircon? anyone got any other advice?

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This is the common solder issue on the cluster.

Search on eBay for Focus MK2?Cmax instrument cluster repair and send it off to be resoldered

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Yep, I concur with Dave.

I offer my own repair service for this on eBay, link below where you can also read more about the issue.

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