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I had an issue following a botched accident repair where they didn’t secure the ECU properly, it fell off it’s perch and appears to have damaged the loom.

No garage will touch it, or wants extortionate amounts to (think £5k).

I have identified an issue with the engine loom, the original issue was no comms with the ECU, but with the ECU plugged in and the main loom connector & loom ground plugged in on the new cable, I can communicate and read the fault codes.

I cannot see any issues with the old cable, i assume it’s tugged a connector and the CANBUS isn’t working correctly as a result.

I have begun the process of replacing the engine loom, but cannot get to or remove the two plugs behind the radiator. Can anyone tell me what these sensors are, and any tips for getting the connectors off - ideally without damaging the sensor itself?

The two plugs are located on the driver side (UK) behind the radiator.

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