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This Is My New Car Not A Fezza, Wanted A Change From Ford


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Jeeeez sorry to double post, but £1500 insurance for a clio!?!?!

i'm only 19, and insurance on my little 1.4 fiesta is only about £650 tops with a years no claims.

Try ringing up a few people, admiral sent me a renewal for about £1500 to start with, but then rang up and told em where to get of and they matched diamond (becuase apparently they are the same company)

have you added both your parent to your insurance policy, that brings it down a fair chunk?

and i think if your under 21 you have a compulsary excess on most policies of about £250? so try putting a little voluntary too?

if thats any help!

You're a girl. End of!!!

I'm paying £1,600 for my 1.25 Mk4 fiesta, just got to lump it.

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I'm paying £1,600 for my 1.25 Mk4 fiesta, just got to lump it.

Ouch! £1,000 for a 1.6 MK7 Fiesta, 20yr old with 2yrs no claims, not too awful I suppose. Renewal in December by which time I'll be 21 (can't wait till the 'magic' insurance age of 25!)

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How come the insurance on fiesta's is so dear for me on a 1.4 zetec mk6.5 it was an extra 200 quid than my 04 plate focus which on my 1st year was 2300 the fiesta was 2500.

Andrew l - they know what they need to! if i crash it into a fields the exhaust my be "torn of the car due to impact" lol

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