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Diesel injectors- test results


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hi all,

My car runs slightly rough in the morning. The idle is ok but If you bring it off idle the revs bounce around and there is a bit of white smoke out the back and a fair smell of diesel. I've got a couple of EGR codes which i cleared and haven't come back so i did a leak off test on my injectors. 

I got 44ml on 3 injectors and 54ml on 1 when running at idle for just over three minutes. Engine wasn't red hot but it'd been driven that day. They seem uniform and the car runs great once its been driven for a minute or so. Also worth noting, fuel economy is good, I get 60 MPG on motorway and can see 75+ if driving at 50.

Is this leak off excessive? Any diesel gurus have any input on the results or the bouncy revs when cold?


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