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Hello all I hope you're well ! I have a couple of issues with my MK1 and was wondering if you could help me or give me some advice please? I had to replace my speed sensor on the gearbox as that went annoyingly, but ever since I've replaced it my speedo seems to flicker? So if I'm going 30mph it'll flicker between 28-32mph roughly? Someone said it could be the cluster at fault as they are quite common?


Also when I'm driving if I take my foot of the accelerator, the car sort of jumps slightly and slows down a lot quicker than it should be? Someone said it could be the camshaft sensor, do you know if that's right? Sorry I feel like I'm so bad at explaining things!

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try a search for a engine ECU (PCM) fault that you can bodge a resistor in a circuit to fool it (all elements linked I believe)


one of the Ford gurus posted it once upon a time...

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