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Odd StaNav routing


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I have a Focus Estate Titanium X Auto on a 19 plate.

SatNav is generally good (F11 Maps - map updates?, don't go there!!)

Last week I was coming back from Bristol (near Cribbs Causeway), so the route was M5, then M4 and back home to Reading area. I've done the route a few times and it copes quite well with taking me onto the M5, taking me off at the right point and plonking me on the M4 (not that I really need the SatNav for this!)

But, last week, it told me to come off at the M32 junction - 'oh, maybe M4 traffic? and it will take me on the road round Bath and then back onto the M4?' My OH checked Google Maps, no delays on M4. When I got closer to the M32 junction, it said take the slip road, then take the first exit, up the slip road and onto the M4!!! I ignored it!


I did once have a Garmin do a similar thing on the A404 near Maidenhead, but that Garmin didn't survive it's only journey!


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