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HonestJohn says Galaxy had 6 speed torque convertor in 2016?

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Hi this is a quote from Honest John website

"Like a wet clutch DSG, the 6-speed wet clutch Getrag Powershift in the Galaxy requires a change of transmission

fluid every three years or every 38,000 miles whichever comes first and if they don't get this they are prone to failure.

Since the current model was introduced in 2016 they have had 6-speed torque converter autos and

these were replaced in late 2018 with 8-speed torque converter autos, identified by a rotary selector.


So this would mean a traditional gear lever but was 6 speed TC instead

I cant seem to find any on autotrader unless Ford still called the 6speed Torque Convertor "powershift"

for a while ?

Can anyone shed any light on this ?

This would be the best combination  Non-wetbelt engine with a Torque Convertor auto

Thanks for you help

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Not quite the advice I was hoping for. :laugh:   Poor guy has been trying to choose the most reliable Galaxy for the past few days with minimal replies.

I didn't think they put the 6F35 in these but could be wrong.  Thought it was only on the petrol EcoBoosts around 2016, not the TDCIs?

(Edit - Just realised no mention of TDCI in this thread.  It was the last one comparing DuraTorq to EcoBlue for cambelt reliability.)

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I'd have thought TDCi was 6 speed DCT then if it went torque converter it would be the 8 speed but that was 2018

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He PM'd me. I have told him to buy other than Ford, he buys a Ford auto at his own risk. There's plenty of reliable autos from other brands out there. I have recommended BMW or anything with a ZF

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