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Glow Plugs

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2005 1.4tdci

Done a bit of work, diagnosis, glow plug relay, checking coolant temp sensor, glow plugs.

Car is a ***** to start, stinks of unburnt fuel from exhaust when starting in particular when temperature is down outside.

Several people have said the glow plugs arent used unless temps are below zero - i tested my circuitry with the fluke and they are powered for 3 seconds even in todays mild weather.

found 2 glow plugs at fault, one is 42 ohms (should be 1.2 ohms) the other is open circuit.

after hours of back n forth, lubrication i have the two free on the threads - can screw them in with your fingers now !

However, they will not come out - i believe this is carbon build up on the shaft of the glow plug ?

Tried carefully to pull out but they arent having it !

Now what ???


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More likely to be a swollen tip than carbon buildup.

There's no easy way to remove them if that's the case.  You can try turning the engine over with them loose in the hope that the compression stroke pops them out.

But if not, it's a head off job.  And if the tip snaps, it's also a head off job.

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Ah i wasn't aware of that, so the glow plug shaft sits in a chamber for the 75mm ish with the tip protruding, and now the tip wont extract through the chamber obviously...


Suppose i could try pulling whilst turning but as you say the tip will probably drop off ! but may try turning over first....

TBH car aint worth the cost so will have to sort it myself if head comes off.

Thanks for the quick reply.


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Actually, is it possible if the tip snaps off - to remove the associated injector and fish out the tip via the injector hole using a strong suction vacuum line ?

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i pulled both out like a dentist, twist n pulling and they popped out luckily.

replaced with a couple of new denso glow plugs, i left the other two as they tested fine on my meter and decided to leave alone.... for now.

one was open circuit 17megohm + and the other was 40 odd ohms, so defo at fault.

See if that sorts the starting problem, i suspect it wont fully as i noticed top of injectors area was wet - but thats one problem removed off the list.


17.53meg faulty.jpeg

43.9 ohm faulty.jpeg

new gp.jpeg


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