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Mk8 Transit Tourneo water ingress


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Hi, I have a recurring problem with my 2018 Transit Tourneo Custom - water ingress to the BCM. 

This started in March, Ford took it in replaced the BCM said they had done a 'fix' £976 please.

I paid aandalusia seemed well. 

July saw a return of water ingress. Back in cleaned and apparently sealed. Good for a short time until August, same issue water visible in BCM when it was removed. Back to Ford and they said it was the wiper are washer and it was fixed.

Last night same again. I can see water in the BCM and electrical faults galore. I have a small bump as I enter my drive,  I suspect water pools somewhere and a jolt causes it to run down into the BCM. I say as if it's left sitting and it rains the water doesn't run, it's only after the car is driven. 

It's always the back (nearer the engine) connectors on the BCM that have water in them. I'm convinced it's water running down then A pillar as the pillar side has evidence of water droplets. There is also a nut that looks pretty rust on the right higher than the BCM I think must see water.

Ford said last time there were 6 places to check for water ingress and they thought they had found the problem. They also told me they don't do warranty on a warranty repair so if this happened again it was for me to cover. I obviously argued that doesn't make sense but hoped it would actually be fixed. 

I have roofbars fitted which are heavily sealed with silicone, I'll now take them off and just check in the absence of anything else. 

Any thoughts on a) where the water is coming from or b) the no warranty on a warranty repair comment much appreciated.

Many thanks 

Simon 20230918_201827.thumb.jpg.29c93780f99fe62a3ad71e9864566d4e.jpg


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Hi Simon, I feel for your pain, I have a very similar issue with a Vauxhall Movano BCM.

On your van I'd be checking the roof aerial (if fitted) as I have seen these leak, even had a problem with it leaking on my own 2013 Transit.

Not that this next suggestion will stop the leak but it might help find it. Use either French Chalk, or more probably talcum powder and try and sprinkle it about as high up as you can above the BCM. It should then show a path that the water is taking to reach the BCM.

The no warranty on a warranty seems wrong but I have to say I don't know. A phone call to trading standards may tell you how you stand on that. Perhaps @iantt will know if this the normal case with warranty work.


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