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Right i now have a serious problem when it comes to stopping if its wet i have to drive my car at like 20mph and hope the person in front of me doesent stop dead as my brakes are locking up proper bad and im too scared to let go of the pedal i dont have ABS so this could be why i may just need new tyres as it likes to drift round islands in the wet sometimes if you push it to hard where as mrs fiesta has got abs and can drive that like 100 mph round a round about and be sound well not 100mph but easily 30-35 mph

whats the best route to go down can i fit st170 discs and pads to my standard hubs or will i need bearings and god knows what

i might just get some uprated ones like some drilled or grooved but i have been told you hear a lot of sqishing when you come to a halt but i need something that is going to make me stop as i !Removed! myself ever time it rains

anyone got any ideas what i could do on this



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If you can lock your wheels under braking now it seems a bit pointless, not to mention a waste of money, to uprate the brakes. You say you may need new tyres : what state are they in? Have you measured the tread depth? Have you checked the pressures? From what you have described it certainly sounds as if your problem is more likely to be tyres than brakes.

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well tyres have at least 4mm on front and 5mm on rear u reckon it could just be tyre pressures not brakes

Cheers for the reply mate


let us know what u think

oh the tyres are in good condition

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