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Oil Pressure Low - Help


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2005 1.6 Diesel 100K, never had any problem with oil pressure before, but now have a problem.

On Sat I changed the oil and oil filter.

Sunday, did about 10 miles and no problem

Monday, oil light coming on consistently under 1200 rpm, engine hot or cold.

Cannot understand why this problem should come on so suddenly and could it have anything to do with the oil change (used recommended oil 5/30).

Two issues with the oil change

1) The oil level is over full. My Haynes manual talks about an oil level sensor but there is no oil level warning on the instrument panel. Is it possible that the oil light indicates both low pressure and high level, seems unlikely.

2) Had problems fitting the oil filter. Tight fit in cap and tight to screw down. Was not happy so removed again to find that felt washer that is integral with the filter had been destroyed so replaced without it. Assumed that any leakage around filter would not be bigg problem and seal appeared to be made on rubber lip in bore of filter rather than the face.

My first move was to replace the pressure sensor but I there does seem to be increased noise on idle so beginning to suspect the pressure is truly low.

Going on hols in 4 days so really need to understand whats going on..

If cannot fix, is it safe to assume that while oil light is off (eg motorway driving) then engine will be ok.

Would very much appreciate any help.


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Personally I would recommend NOT using it untill it's been looked at, you say the felt on the oil filter had desintergrated, some bits may have gone into the oil pump, why did you have to struggle fitting the new oil filter? was it the correct one?, first thing I would say to is try another oil filter (a correct one that doesnt need forcing down)

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Thanks Fishpond 47, you speak wise words.


After speaking to some friendly people at a local garage I came to the conclusion that I may have fitted the oil filter the wrong way round. I was never happy with how it fitted.

Bought new one and fitted the other way and problem completely solved. Old filter was badly damaged from wrong fitting. I had assumed that a badly fitted filter would not reduce the pressure but garage said that pump need back pressure and maybe more importantly the filter had a little sticky out bit with O ring and this need to seal into a hole in the base of the filter housing which I had not seen. Assume new oil on the 1st day managed to build pressure before it stated to degrade.

Damage, £14 new Ford Filter + anxious day thinking car was for the scrap heap.

Sorry to trouble you.

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