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Intermittent Dipped Headlights (Focus 1.6 Zetec 2002)

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Got an ongoing problem with my mums car - electrics are shockingly bad! (Excuse the pun)

Used to have a problem with electrics causing the car to cut out at junctions - if you had the headlights and radio on for example, and pulled up to a junction, it would cut out. Recently had the starter motor replaced (for another, unconnected problem of the car not starting in cold weather), and also the timing belt as it was due - electrics problem seems to have been resolved.

Just tonight we noticed a problem that the dipped headlights weren't on - the switch was in the dipped position. We came up over the brow of a hill (and revved higher as you would), and the headlights came on again. Turned them off and back on again, yet the side lights came on but no dipped. Again, drove into the drive, and revved a bit more again and they came on.

They aren't HID lights, just filament, so i'm going to rule out low voltage/alternator output to any kind of igniter, but considering both bulbs are out, but will come back on, i'm also assuming this is either some wiring problem, computer problem, or switch issue?

No codes with the pedal trick, tempted to take it back to the dealer and ask why this has suddenly started occurring after they have had the car!



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Im wondering if its a sticky relay. By reving it you are putting a little more power through which is allowing it to make the circuit. Only a guess mind you.

Good luck

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