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Focus Stereo "phone" Issue

Simon Trillo

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I have a Focus 2008 1.6TDCi Style with a 6000CD single CD stereo. It has developed a fault in that it will intermittently display "phone" on the display and mute the sound output.

I do not have a phone car kit or anything like that connected to the unit, and have tried removing and reseating the connector on the rear with no success.

Has anyone had this before and is there a cure?

If not then can anyone recommend a company that will repair these units?

I have attached a photo of the unit.




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I suspect you may have either

a) Knocked the "phone" - "mute" button on the steering wheel


B) have a loose wire somewhere that is closing the circuit and activating the "mute" button.

I dont think it will be anything too serious, but looking at the head unit I suspect you could be eligible for a software update that may resolve other issues and may fix this.

Are you absolutely sure you dont catch the mute button at all?

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No definatly not touched any buttons. It does it on its own, switches betweeen phone and whatever I am listening to! I have taken the unit out and cant see anything. I have removed and replaced all the connectors in the unit with no joy... I am an electronic engineer and so have been inside the unit as well and reseated all internal connections, with no difference.

What is the software update and is that something that only Ford can do ( and no doubt charge for!! ) ?

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Yeah It is, I have read on these forums a few people needed upgrades for really silly problems, and they were resolved. Not too sure of the details though, its just a thought if you cant find anything else...

... What about the switch itself? any faults that could cause it to short and connect? in fact, when it next happens, press the "phone" or "mute" button, everything should come back to life, otherwise you may find that it doesnt respond, on one button but it does the other...

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