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2002 Tdci Climate Control Problem


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I have a 2002 TDCi and the climate control is driving me crazy because my condenser fan seems to have a mind of its own!!! Most of the time when I get into the car first thing, everything works perfectly. If i then use the car later its a gamble if will be alright. I turn on the A/C, the compressor kicks in and coldish air comes out, but the condensor cooling fan doesn't start, but 30 secs later the rad fan will start and keep on starting and stopping every 30 secs. Because of this, I only get cool air when the rad fan is on or if I'm driving along.

I have recently changed the condenser and had it regassed and checked for leaks. The A/C man came back at the weekend to check the pressure and it was fine, although sods law, everything was working so he couldn't tell me whats wrong. I've changed the black fan relay and also checked the condition of the resistor and the wiring loom and plug and they look fine.

The car warms up fine and I have noticed that this problem doesn't happen specifically if the engine is hot or cold

Any help??????

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