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Where from mikester? Are they good quality?

anywhere fella, i paid a lot more than that almost two years ago now.

depends how you like your ride to be....

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Was looking at KW but they are a bit pricey. A suppose you pay for quality though

possibly.... but certainly not in my case.

hydraulic fluid leaking out and the top cap on the dampener section coming off banging every time the strut moved up and down on both sides is not quality in my book.... i had to fix them myself as rude racing (why they change that name from esp i never know) and KW argued between themselves who was going to cover it. now i had an issue with these Gaz ones and it was no-where near as bad... just an annoying knock that was not the car. they sent me a replacement no questions asked before i'd even took mine off the car, i.e i didn't have to go back to stock whilst they investigated or waited for my faulty unit to be returned.... excellent customer service in my book that it :)

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I'd still like good handling, I was on dc performance recently and they were far more than £500.

shop around, call them direct also. they're really friendly.

Have had a shot of my mates Golf GTI on coilovers, hence why i am now chucking the Eibach :lol:

how's your back? lol

nah they aren't that bad, especially as the Gaz Golds I have are rebound adjustable too... i am fairly low though so its my own fault if its too stiff

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I've got KW Inox S coilovers, I've had them on for 5 months and (touch wood) they're fantastic! The ride isn't that hard, feels pleasantly smooth. The kit cost me just over £900.

This is what the height looks like:


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I think i asked last year sometime. Can you quote me please on a coilover set up for the 2006 Fiesta please. What are max drops?

Hi there,

No problem for the quote;

Our coilover kit, RSX938 fits the 02-> Fiestas (1.25, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 &TDCi) with the JH1 and JD1 Chassis codes. This kit is normally £749.99 inc VAT, but with out current offer, you can slash £100 off that!

We also have a separate kit for the ST (RSX939) and this has come down from £799.99, to £699.99 inc VAT.

All our coilovers use a powder coated damper body, with a stainless steel thread. This means that harsh UK winters are no problem and the coilovers remain functional, rather than seized.

The dampers are also externally adjustable so that you can stiffen the car up (without removing the dampers) when you fancy, and have a civil daily driver for the rest of the time.

The "non ST" kit above is tested to give 35-65mm of lowering, and the ST version gives 20-50mm of lowering.

These dampers are built and tested on UK roads so you can be assured that while they perform on track, they are still "use-able" every day.

You can see more information on both of the kits by following this link


We can also offer Fixed height and adjustable damping for £424.99 from our PSX range. Let me know if you want more info on those

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