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Mk 6 Display Query


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Hi all, How the heck do I change the display?

It currently shows track no/Aux/Radio station on the top half and ODO/trip computer on bottom.

I can change the bottom half no bother but cannot for the life of me work out how to change the top half, I want it to display the time. The handbook shows this should be possible, what am I doing wrong!!!

Oh, can the doors be set to auto lock when the vehicle is moving?

Thank you, no doubt will have more questions later!



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I dont know if you can autolock your doors, but i think i know how to show the time.

press the trip button on your indicator repeatedly until it says 'settings' or something like that.

then go through the options: short press = change option, long press = enter option.

the stereo option should be there, it says something like 'on dash or radio only'

seems vague but itll make sense when youre doing it

Hope this helps :)


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Cheers Pat, i'll have another look - been through them options and didn't notice anything.

I am generally useless mind!

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Yep, looks like it. I can change it so it only has the temp and not the track number - very surprised it doesn't display the clock.

And even more surprised it doesn't have auto locking doors, that's surely a simple safety setting.

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